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Cape Town: Mediterranean
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp(ºC) 28 26 25 22 20 19 16 17 19 24 25 28
Minimum temp(ºC) 20 20 19 16 12 8 8 8 12 18 19 20

Best time to visit: October to February. Summer is hot and dry; winter  is cool and wet – Great White & Whale Watching – June to August

Johannesburg: Moderate
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp(ºC) 29 27 26 22 20 17 16 18 21 24 27 28
Minimum temp(ºC) 20 19 18 15 8 5 5 7 12 17 20 21

Best time to visit: September to April (For Kruger National Park best time is June to mid-October). Summer is the rainy season. Winter is dry and cool.

Durban: Sub-tropical

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp(ºC) 29 28 28 26 24 23 23 23 24 27 28 29
Minimum temp(ºC) 25 25 23 22 17 13 13 15 16 19 21 23

Best time to visit: September to April. Beach season is December to January. In summer the coast is very hot. Inland it’s warm during the day and milder at night. Winters are sometimes hot during the days, but are generally cool becoming cold at night. There are occasional thunderstorms and hailstorms in summer.


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp(ºC) 30 30 29 28 26 24 24 26 28 28 28 29
Minimum temp(ºC) 20 20 19 15 12 6 5 10 15 17 19 20

Skukuza/Kruger National Park

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp(ºC) 35 33 32 30 29 27 27 28 30 32 33 34
Minimum temp(ºC) 22 21 21 15 11 6 5 9 15 18 21 22


It is highly recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance including full medical cover, as well as cancellation and curtailment cover. Our Partner –

Travel Booking Conditions:

HOW TO BOOK – Contact one of our consultants at African Safari Guru at for more information.

Payment is done as follows: EFT Transfers & Credit Card Payments – Are all done through our partner

Reservations: Should be made well in advance as some lodges are limited in size, and sell out well in advance due to seasons.  To assure your first choice of accommodation, an early reservation is vital. Should any of African Safari Guru’s travel packages suite your needs, and you would like to make a reservation, we advise you to kindly contact African Safari Guru and that you enquire to check availability for our selection of Travel Packages on offer first.

Late Bookings: If an inquiry and booking is made within  (45 days) of travel, this is considered a “late booking”. In this case, wherever accommodation is available and an itinerary can be worked out and confirmed, payment in full (100%) is due immediately in order to secure the accommodation and activities. If the itinerary is cancelled, normal cancellation policy is effective.

A non-refundable 30% deposit is required on all standard departures and 50% deposit for any special departures will ensure your confirmation for your reservation booking. You are required to settle the balance (full amount) for your travel arrangements which is payable 45 days prior to the departure date of the Travel Package. If this amount is not paid in due time, African Safari Guru may, be permitted to regard the booking as cancelled.

Travel changes of Booking:

If, after booking a Travel Package with African Safari Guru, our clients decide to make a change to their Travel Package dates either to a later or earlier period, African Safari Guru advises you to contact us urgently to enquire as to see if we can accommodate your requirements else where. If we are unable to meet your request, you will either have to get a replacement or cancel your booking with African Safari Guru.

Travel Cancellation Procedure:

It is very important that a cancellation letter be sent by email to African Safari Guru in writing if you wish to cancel your booking with us. If a booking is cancelled more than 45 days prior to departure, only the full deposit will be retained by African Safari Guru.

  1. If a booking is cancelled 30-44 days prior to departure, 50% of the total Travel Package tariff will be payable by the client should your booking be cancelled.
  2. 15-29 days prior to departure, 75% of the total Travel Package tariff will be payable by the client should your booking be cancelled.
  3. 14 days prior to departure, the client will be expected to lose the full payment, 100% of the Travel Package. Should you fail to arrive on time for your Travel Package, or only connect after departure, or leave prior to your Travel Package is completed, there will be no compensation whatsoever made by African Safari Guru or its partners.

African Safari Guru’s Cancellation Policy:

Should a Travel Package be cancelled by African Safari Guru due to unforeseen reason, we will offer an alternative Travel Package/Lodge/Hotel. Should African Safari Guru have to hold back a Travel Package after departure for any applicable reason, i.e. wars, strikes, bad weather conditions – acts of Mother Nature, and then African Safari Guru will not and cannot be held liable for any form of refund whatsoever. African Safari Guru at its own judgement will cancel any client’s booking that they feel is unsuitable after departure of the said Travel Package. The objective of a small group safari is to enjoy the experience of group participation in most activities offered. Clients with strong individualistic attitudes will find this type of safari difficult and not suitable for their vacation requirements.

Payment Policy:

Travellers must not make any purchase of our products unless you understand and agree all of our terms and conditions. Once payment is made for the purchase of your safari/holiday, it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for such purchase. If you have any queries please contact us before making any purchase for any service through African Safari Guru.

General Information:

Gratuities: Tips are not included in the bill of restaurants and hotels. It is usual to  give a 10-15% tip for meals. Hotel porters are usually tipped R20 per person.  Airport porters approximately R20 – R30 in total.

A suitable gratuity for guides and or drivers should be considered..

As a rough guideline per road transfer please see below:

  • Long Distance +- 151 km and more – R200 – R???
  • Short Distance +- 150 km or less – R50 – R???

Tipping whilst at a Game Lodge is by no means expected, however if you are very happy with your stay we would suggest the following as a very rough  guideline. Per person per night:

  • Game ranger R150 -R??? and tracker- R100 – R???
  • General Staff – R50

It would be advisable to ask camp management during your stay.

Baggage: On Wing Safari, you will be permitted one soft-sided bag, which should weigh between 12 kg and 20 kg., depending on type of aircraft and destination. Your tour documents will advise the appropriate weight limit. Excess baggage should be stored at passenger’s expense. Luggage and personal effects are at the owner’s risk throughout the travel program.

Tour Planning: Tour planning, preparation, marketing and operational costs ARE included in the tour price. These prices are based on tariffs, taxes and rates of exchange in effect at the time of printing. African Safari Guru reserves the right to increase tour prices due to fluctuations in tariffs, taxes or foreign rates of exchange.

Meals: i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, that are stipulated in the travel package itineraries provided. Tea and coffee are supplied, but please note that all other beverages are for your own expense where not stipulated in our travel package itineraries.

Visas: All visa requirements are for the client’s own expense.

Our Safaris Company will meet all road transfers; hire costs and entry fees whilst on an African Safari Guru Travel Package.

All excursions not undertaken by African Safari Guru as a company outing, will be for clients own expense, i.e. flights, rafting, visits to Victoria Falls and Table Mountain cable car, Cage diving with Great White Sharks, Elephant Back Safaris…

As all out travel package itineraries/safaris are planned in advance, our rates are subject to change due to surcharges without notice.

Our itineraries can not be guaranteed due to unforseen characters of mother nature, but African Safari Guru will endeavour to substitute any changes made with destinations of the equivalent value.

Costs of obtaining passports, inoculations, excess baggage charges, all items of a personal nature such as drinks, laundry, telephone calls and cables, meals not specified in the itinerary, personal and baggage insurance, local airport taxes, International  flights  and tips to waiters, hotel staff, game rangers and sightseeing drivers and professional guides.

Safety Precautions:

All reserves have a set of rules that you need to follow to ensure your  safety. Many of the animals you’ll come across, particularly lion, hippo,  elephant and buffalo, are dangerous. Stay in your car and keep a reasonable  distance – especially with elephant – in case you need to beat a hasty retreat!

Africa has its fair share of poisonous snakes – though they are rarely  encountered and, when they are, will more often than not try to get away as  quickly as possible. However, if you plan on doing any walking, take along  boots, socks and long trousers as a precautionary measure (which also helps with  ticks) – and always look where you’re going.

Avoid swimming in rivers that have hippos and crocodiles.

Minimize mosquito bites by wearing light, long sleeved clothing and using effective insect repellents (containing Diethyltoluamide DEET) on exposed skin and you will never have a problem. Sleep under treated mosquito netting or ensure that the doors and windows of your accommodation are screened against mosquitoes. Having a fan or air-conditioner on at night will further suppress mosquito activity.

Currently, the three effective anti-malaria tablets are Mefloquine (Lariam or Mefliam), Doxycycline and Malarone (Malanil). It is still possible to contract malaria while on malaria prophylaxis. Note that Lariam may present serious side-effects – please test before you depart. Please consult your general practitioner or  visit the following website:


African Safari Guru shall not be held liable for any injury, damage or loss, including consequential loss to any client or their possessions howsoever caused. This includes personal injury, disease or death caused by or contributed to by negligence by African Safari Guru, its employers or agents. If any additional expenses are incurred through delays, accidents or disruption of the planned itinerary beyond the control of African Safari Guru, i.e. wars, strikes, weather conditions and acts of Mother Nature, then such expenses are to be borne by the client.


For the agreement with African Safari Guru, to participate in such trips and activities you hereby agree that you will not make a claim against African Safari Guru or sue for bodily injury, emotional trauma, death and/or property damage, however caused, as a result of your participation in the safari tour/holiday. You therefore release African Safari Guru, and its employees from any and all claims, known or unknown, arising from your participation in a tour.

This release of Liability and Assumption of Risk agreement is entered into on behalf of all members of your family including minors accompanying you. This agreement is binding on your heirs, legal representatives and assigns. If any portion of this agreement is unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. Any litigation involving this contract, any of our brochures or your trip can be brought only in courts of competent jurisdiction in the state of Gauteng and Gauteng law will be applicable to any disputes, which arise out of your trip.


1. Good quality sunglasses

2. Wide brim bush hat/cap

3. T-shirts and one or two long-sleeved cotton shirtd

4. Shorts / skirts, long trousers

5. Underwear & socks

6. Jersey / sweater or tracksuit for evenings

7. Warm jacket (e.g. parka) for early mornings, evenings in cooler months and at higher altitudes

8. Good walking shoes (running or tennis shoes will suffice)

9. Thongs / flip-flops thickenough so that the acacia thorns cannot penetrate

10. Bathing suit

11. If you wear contact lenses, we recommend you bring along a pair of glasses in case of dust irritation

12. Binoculars (vital really)

13. Personal toiletries

14. Malaria prophylactics (consult your pharmacist or travel doctor in this regard)

15. Sun protection cream

16. Insect repellent e.g. Tabard

17. Basic medical kit – aspirin, plasters, Imodium, antiseptic cream, anti-histamine etc.

18. Tissues and ’Wet-wipes’

19. Good torch (Head Torch), spare batteries

20. Recommended animal and bird guides – most of the lodges have these

21. Camera lenses and double the amount of film you think you will need and dustproof cover for the camera

22. Visas, tickets, passports and copies of each

23. Travellers cheques, small amounts of cash and credit cards (limited use in some places)

24. Immunisation certificates where relevant

25. Clothing should be neutral in colour (avoid bright and white) and laundry can be done at most hotels and lodges.

26. Rechargers for use in vehicles on safari (South Africa) should fit the cigarette lighter.