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Wildlife Eco Trust!

Our Eco-Tourism and giving back to Africa’s Wildlife and Ecosystems! One person alone can certainly make a difference. The collective impact of a group of passionate people however, can change the world.

African Safari Guru believe that no single organization can work in isolation and that by working together we can safeguard our magnificent wildlife and ecosystems and protect all wildlife species in their natural environment. We would like our children and grandchildren to one day enjoy and experience the beauty of our mammals, birds in the wild just like we have… It is our mission to save and making the difference that matters to us…

African Safari Guru will be donating 5% of each Safari/Tour sold to a worthy cause through our Wildlife Partner 1%4 Wildlife Non Profit Trust – – Website is currently under construction as this is a new initiative of ours….

Innovative way of approaching conservation using a new and creative methodology

THREE imperative principles for conservation success:

1) Creating and maintaining internal economic efficiency

2) Engaging only in work which has proven ecological relevance

3) Tangible impact

Conservation work around Southern Africa in general lacks, leaving a lot of potential unsolved projects and research programs untouched.

Necessary Resources (Personnel, Finance, Hardware, & Space)

  • These resources are diminishing as grants are decreasing.
  • Human encroachment – smaller conservation areas = intense management and increased necessary resources.

Conservation work in many cases lacks relevance and long term sustainability (Saving animals from Zoos in Europe and Asia for e.g. “Have no conservation outcome and is costly, as is cleaning rivers without stopping the cause of the pollution an unsustainable exercise”.

1% 4 WILDLIFE conservation approach to making a difference:

Primary Focus:

1)   Growing relevant Wilderness spaces

  • Land acquisition (title or lease)
  • Protection → only which has scientific relevance for wildlife conservation.
  • Growth → fence-dropping programmes Allowing wildlife to roam more freely in their natural environment.
  • Volunteering programmes – extra helping hands for research and making a difference that matters to us.

Address the Human Factor

  • Education – using conservation and wildlife as an educational tool
  • Job Creation – Those living in proximity become the custodians of the land while benefitting financially and socially from it.

2)   Assisting our Prefferred Wildlife Partners

  • Wild Bird Trust
  • Ingwe Project
  • Wildlife-Act
  • Wilderness Wildlife Trust
  • TB Research Project (Honorary Rangers – Sanparks)
  • Pilanesberg Wilderness Trust (Vulture Tagging & Recording Data)
  • Preferred Partners are on the rise to making a difference that matters to us…

3)   Supporting ongoing conservation initiatives

4)   Supporting breeding programs

5)   Supporting and initiating relevant research programs

6)   Supporting and initiating relevant management interventions

7)   All poaching is a problem and is thus within our scope of ability to help. E.g. The survival of our magnificent Rhino species and putting an end to poaching by supporting and educating the communities.


1. Ethical tourism is one of the priorities of our company. African Safari Guru is committed to travel that provides exciting opportunities for our guests while enriching lives and protecting habitats in Africa. These programs allow our guest’s exclusive entry onto tribal lands while giving local people local control over the way tourism is introduced and the way dollars earned are used. Our programs open up rare opportunities for in-depth exchanges between traditional African cultures.

2. We offer responsible tourism by giving back to Africa’s Wildlife for the future of their status and children, grandchildren… through the contribution of 5 percent to help forming the foundation of many endangered and threatened wildlife species and habitats that are purely caused from human interference. The costs are high in running these non-profitable organization so please be so kind as to help out.

3. Education is a priority. On our safaris, you learn by going on them. It is a highly entertaining processm of deepening discovery that we call Natural Learning and it’s an integral part of every one of our safaris. As our guides teach you to spot and identify game and track animals, you begin to see with new eyes. You become more curious and observant about animal behaviours, and you begin to understand how all the pieces of the ecosystem fit together.  African Safari Guru want you to come away with a deeper understanding of an astonishing landscape.

Your only way is our only way for just a worthy cause.

–   Book a SAFARI/TOUR or donate now to help put a High into the African Wildlife Society today.



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